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Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Divorce, Grief, Parenting. 

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Couples Counseling. Closer.


Trust and emotional intimacy happen when you are accepted and loved for your genuine self.  Giving and receiving love in healthy ways helps you become a more intimate and couple.  Sessions are relaxed and interactive as we help you connect with emotional honesty and validation.  Unresolved conflict is addressed with compassion and respect.  Therapy is never about sides, but an attempt to surface the truth about ways you can grow to be a partner who listens with empathy and encouragement.  EFT, Emotionally-focused Therapy has shown strong results for improving connection and emotional intimacy. 

You can get your needs met better as you both learn sacrificial listening and love.  We can help you heal from abuse, anger, family of origin conflict, infidelity, and self-defeating behaviors.    Counseling in Houston catholic counseling marriage counseling

Individual Counseling. Freedom.

Individual Counseling. Relationships,  Adjustment, Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression

We can help clarify concerns and bring relief from anxiety, depression, grief, divorce, parenting, career, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships, mood disorders, or eating disorders. Trust and being understood is important in moving forward from hurtful life events and disappointments.  

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps identify areas you may be stuck in believing lies about yourself or others.  Letting go of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors can free you from obsessive, negative feelings to enjoy better relationships and become more productive at work. 

Reaching out for help is hard when you feel alone, but you are not alone.  Please call to be encouraged to live fully again.  Hope happens in relationship.  If you are discouraged from processing concerns alone without resolution, please call for help. 

Karis Counseling in Houston catholic counseling marriage counseling

Kathy Pardue, Licensed Professional Counselor


Kathy Pardue has helped couples and individuals in the Houston since 2001 to heal and restore healthy relationships.    Clients return over the last 20 yrs. as life presents new challenges, and she works to restore new perspective and hope when life gets hurtful and disorienting.  Kathy is committed to the restoration of people in an integrative approach of spiritual life, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-focused, and Emotionally-focused Therapy for couples.  

Kathy welcomes all faiths or none.  She and her husband, Lee, have been married 38 yrs. and have 7 grandchildren.  "My life passion is helping people heal and live happier, more  peaceful lives, even in unavoidable circumstances.”  Catholic Therapist, Marriage Counseling,  Catholic Counseling, Couples Counseling, Teen Counseling.

Catholic Therapist. Find Healing. Call or Schedule Online.

Marriage Counseling. Staying Close, Communication, Forgiveness, Stress, Healing from Infidelity, Resentment.


If you feel detached or have chronic conflict, we can help you both feel heard and understood.  Sessions focus on helping you re-create conversation so that more vulnerable feelings under anger, isolation, and distractions from your relationship can be understood and healed.  We are solution-focused in discerning the root of bitterness that could be underlying conflict and lack of intimacy.  EFT (Emotionally-focused Therapy) can help you become a strong lover and friend to your spouse thru validation...before giving your defense in any conversation.  This produces emotional intimacy and restoring what was lost in resentment and hiding from each other emotionally.  Get your love back and fight for your marriage.

Therapy Approach

Compassion, Understanding

 Hurtful life events and disappointments need to be listened to with empathy as you reach out for help to change.  We help to discern areas within your control and those needing acceptance as we take steps to change direction.  Our relationship of trust can bring new motivation as you realize you are not alone and fully capable of making new decisions.  When you change, others change.  It is encouraging to let go of self-defeating thoughts.  

As you get new perspective, your courage will increase to address addictions, anger, anxiety, and unresolved conflict. 

Kathy Pardue LPC in Houston

Effective Tools and Goals

Family Therapy. Peace.

You will be equipped with simple tools to recall in hot button circumstances with family, friends, and coworkers.  LUV-Talk (Smalley) and anger management basics can help de-escalate situations and change habits.  Anger is a secondary emotion and always has underlying, vulnerable feelings which may be invalidated or unheard.  Learning to identify the true emotion under the anger is the challenge to avoid hiding or hurling.  Anger is common to all of us, but can be used for good when addressing important feelings toward restoring healthy relationships. 

Kathy Pardue LPC in Houston counseling catholic counseling marriage counseling

Addressing Your Concerns With Care

Women’s Issues.

Women's Issues

Self-esteem, Parenting, Eating disorders, Transitions, Empty nest, Relationships. Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Mood disorders.  If you are processing hurts or failure alone, we can help.  Women need to be heard and understood to gain confidence after hurtful life events.  Your motivation for relationships and life goals can return as you get new perspective on old wounds or recurring problems.  We generate options together in a safe, relaxed, and interactive atmosphere.  Feel better sooner as you experience compassion, direction, and new tools.  counseling catholic counseling marriage counseling Houston

Adolescent Concerns

Academic, Anger, Peer relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Family conflict.  

Teens need parent encouragement, boundaries, and support as they differentiate.  Hormonal and physiological changes are the most disorienting challenge during these years.  Teens usually love counseling which includes art therapy to draw their "life on canvas" related to life goals and present feelings about their problems.  Parents are included in sessions every third session or as desired.   counseling catholic counseling Houston


"wonderful, kind, caring counselor that provides very positive and helpful marriage and individual counseling.  she has helped me several times over the years and i wouldn't see anyone else!   Any client can see that she truly cares about helping people and she doesn't string you along - she wants to get the work done as soon as possible, which I rally appreciate.  highly recommended." catholic counseling marriage counseling

Couple Sessions

Couples usually want peace and honesty in their relationship.  Emotional intimacy leads to intimacy in sex.  We help you work toward your goals and get free from resentment, avoidance, and chronic conflict.  Clients are also encouraged in relaxed individual sessions in addition to couples therapy.  Both of you are validated for your thoughts and feelings, and therapy is about surfacing truth and helpful resolution, not about sides. marriage counseling, catholic counseling Houston

Client Questions

*All clients are guaranteed confidentiality and empathy in all concerns. 

*HIPAA Privacy Policy is given at first session.  

*Trust is established quickly to help you explore new options and get freedom.

*Your overall well-being may include referrals to other professionals.

*Others may attend your sessions as you desire in exploring concerns.

*Your goals and values are my focus to help in increasing peace in your life.

*Couples Counseling may include 3-10 sessions or more to see desired change.

*Teen Counseling includes parents in session every third session.


* HAMFT Houston Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

* Catholic Psychotherapy Association,  All faiths or none welcome.

* LIcense #17184. Texas Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors

* MA - Counseling 1998

* BA -  Business 1978

* Speaking on ADHD, grief, hope in disaster, communication, stress, depression, eating disorders. catholic counseling marriage counseling

Karis Means Grace...Acceptance, Compassion & Encouragement

Depression & Anxiety

Teen Depression, Anxiety

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life.  Reaching out is the last thought you may feel like doing, but is important to feel known and understood for the pain and suffering.  When you're in a dark cave, you need someone to sit with you to be hope when you cannot.  Depressive thoughts are extreme, and it is difficult to think outside of your perspective without help.  

Counseling in Houston

Grief, Loneliness, Loss, Lack of Direction

Help for Depression, Grief

Many individuals experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps identify false thoughts which can lead to chronic negative feelings. Over time, you begin to look forward instead of being emotionally focused backward.  Clients are encouraged as they relate in the present moment and are more fully engaging in their world.

   Kathy Pardue LPC in Houston catholic counseling



Healthy relationships at home, work, or with friends are stronger when we relate in acceptance, honesty, and forgiveness.  Adjustment to mothering, career, loss, moves, chronic illness, and trauma can contribute to depression and anxiety.   We can help you get new perspective to move past the pain.  Anger, addiction, abuse, eating disorders, grief, and mood disorders are concerns we address to encourage you toward healing.

Couples see change and strong love as they see the results of validating the other's thoughts and feelings before being emotionally demanding in defense.  The blame game stops and both feel loved and respected.

 Counseling in Houston

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