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Counseling in Houston. Freedom.

Couples Counseling. Closer.

Marriage Therapy helps couples heal resentment and strengthen the love bond.  Sessions are relaxed, and both partners are understood and validated.  Goals are generated together as we identify problems and restore emotional intimacy.

We can help with your concerns:

Abuse, Anger, Alcohol Abuse, Anxiety, Communication, Depression, Divorce Recovery, Infidelity, Parenting, Work Stress, Family Conflict, and Core Values.

Emotionally-focused Therapy (EFT) helps couples become emotionally available, responsive, and engaged.  EFT has a high success rate because of the focus on creating a secure relationship.  Both partners are better able to hear without defensiveness.  Positive feelings are restored as resentment is healed in this process.  Love can become strong again even if you do not feel it is possible. 

Couples are happier when they have a simple plan for discussing potential conflicts.  

LUV-Talk, (Listen, Understand, & Validate, Smalley), slows down the anger and insures mutual respect.  You can learn to avoid the habits of detachment or chronic conflict.  Validating is not agreement, but acknowledging, and helps both feel understood. 

Individual Counseling. Clarity.

Karis Counseling LLC, helps clients heal and get new direction in a confidential, relaxed atmosphere.  If you want to change but not aware of how to heal from hurtful life events and disappointments, please call.   

Our conversations address your concerns:

Unresolved conflict, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Alcohol Abuse, Eating Disorders, Grief, Parenting, Work Stress, Failed Relationships, Divorce Recovery, Worry, Family of Origin, Low Self-Esteem.  

Trust and compassion are important in counseling to heal and see new options.  Isolation can cause feelings of being invisible and create anxiety at work and relationships.  Studies show Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps relieve mild to moderate depression and anxiety thru interactive, safe discussions.  You can feel better as your thinking changes and let go of self-defeating behaviors. 


Your spiritual concerns are also part of our discussions as you request.  We assess concerns at the initial session, and set goals together.  Referrals to physicians may be given for your over-all well-being. 

He is the "lifter of our heads."

Family Counseling. Connection.

Adolescents and parents get resolution thru understanding, love, and healthy boundaries.  Teens are under great stress from hormonal changes, academics, social, and family adjustment.   

Kathy Pardue, Licensed Professional Counselor, has been helping families since 2001 to manage this important formation window toward healthy adulthood.  Sessions validate the thoughts and feelings of teens and parents.  We work toward de-escalating anger, time management, boundaries, forgiveness, clear communication, and shared memories.  Karis means grace, the acceptance we need to change and grow.     

 4801 Woodway Dr., S. 300East

Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri . 10am-5pm

Fees:  Individual Sessions $150/hr.

        Couples Sessions    $175/hr.

  Insurance not accepted.

LPC License #17184  TX State Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors

HAMFT- Houston Association of Marriage & Family Therapists

CPA - Catholic Psychotherapy Associates.  Catholic Counseling. Catholic Therapist.

MA - Counseling    BA - Business      Experience in Group Counseling, Individual and Couples Counseling, Cypress Creek Psych Hospital . 

Kathy has 3 children, 5 grandsons, married 36 years.  

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Convenient location in Uptown near Galleria, Memorial, and Upper Kirby.  Beautiful Regus Executive Suite, 300East, at 610West & Woodway Drive.  Please park in East Garage.  Free parking.


New clients please arrive 15 min. early for registration form.  

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Karis Counseling LLC

4801 Woodway Dr, Suite 300E Houston, Texas 77056, United States

(713) 501-0663

Hours and Session Fees:

Mon, Wed, Fri

10am - 5pm


$175 /50 min.


$150 /50 min.  

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, HSA, Cash.  Insurance not accepted

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