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Couples Therapy can help you understand these Secrets of Happy Couples:

Accept each other's temperaments

Practice mutual respect

Listen with empathy

Are intentional about talking

Laugh together

Understand emotional giving 

Give sacrificial love

Know importance of emotional honesty 

Practice boundaries for self-care

Understand "otherness"

Respect extended families

Share some core values

Practice forgiveness

Let go of resentment

Able to give & receive love

Whether you have been together a year or a decade, therapy can help you get clarity and improve your connection.  Over time, responsibilities can create distance and cause boredom and detachment.  

Healthy communication involves emotional giving by both partners.  When either of you is not getting your need met to feel understood, self-protection becomes the norm and conflict escalates.  Your relationship does not have to be competitive.  We can help change the pattern to allow assertive, clear communication of feelings become the norm.

Counseling sessions are relaxed and interactive.  We assess your concerns and set goals together.  Both partners are validated for thoughts and feelings, and defensiveness falls away as you both feel heard.  

EFT - Emotionally-Focused Therapy is a highly successful approach to help couples learn to reconnect.  You can become emotionally available, responsive, and engaged in conversation.  This builds the love bond and mutual respect.   

You can get back to enjoying your relationship as trust is restored and resentment is healed...

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Healthy Communication Involves Healthy Pattern of Listening First...

  • Listen, Understand, & Validate (LUV-Talk, Smalley)
  • Your defense comes after you fully understand; and validate.
  • Validation does not mean agreement
  • Emotional giving is possible when both feel heard and understood
  • Builds up self-esteem in each other
  • Avoids competition & adversarial roles
  • Clarifies when unsure of message
  • Asks instead of Assumes
  • Takes responsibility for offenses committed
  • Forgives grievances
  • Focuses on positive traits in partner
  • Keeps current with resentments
  • Practices self-awareness
  • Accepts conflict as part of relationship
  • Manages feelings of anger
  • Neither avoids conflict or provokes it

Romantic feelings can be restored as stored hurts are shared and accepted.  You can both learn to be less dismissive of each other's feelings.  The habit of invalidation hurts the feelings of self-worth in the other and continues to chip away at positive feelings.  As the love tank near empty for both of you, there is little reserve for emotional giving to sustain the relationship.  

You can change this direction by offering sacrificial listening before giving your defense.  This is the essence of love, and is others-centered.    When one is fully heard, gratitude enters the heart and is motivated to reciprocate the emotional giving.  This is empathy, the decision to at least try to understand the other's perspective from their lens, not yours'.  

Anger is simply a red flag, and a sign of more vulnerable feelings under the anger.  Feeling devalued, misunderstood, betrayed, ignored, rejected, trapped, or bored can cause you to push your anger button.  We can help you learn to manage your anger without escalating or withdrawing.  

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Kathy Pardue, Licensed Professional Counselor, Karis Counseling LLC.


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Couples Counseling in Houston. Couples Counseling Galleria, 

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Kathy has helped couples in the Houston area since 2001.  

EFT-Emotionally-Focused Therapy (Johnson) is used to help couples feel understood and become emotionally available, responsive, and engaged.

We can learn to get our needs met thru appealing to the other as an ally vs. an enemy. Healthy conversation can replace chronic conflict or detachment.  

If your relationship is affected by affairs, poor boundaries, constant conflict, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, parenting, core values, anger, and confusion over roles and temperaments, we can help get clarity on these concerns.  


* Texas State Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors Lic. #17184

* Houston Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

* Experience in group counseling, psych hospital setting adolescent counseling, homeless shelter, speaking on eating disorders, grief, ADHD.

* MA - Counseling  BA - Business 

Kathy has 3 children, 5 grandsons, and married 36 years.