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  • Marriage Therapy helps you find the way back to the love.  Heal resentment, listen with empathy, and re-create the fun connection.
  • Karis Counseling LLC has helped couples since 2001 to heal and change. Call us if you are concerned with: Abuse, Affairs, Anger, Alcohol Abuse, Anxiety, Communication, Depression, Divorce Recovery, Parenting, Work Stress, or Family Conflict.
  • Our greatest need is to love and be loved. You can enjoy each other again despite the past.  There are no deal breakers except refusing to work on it. Working thru resentment is the key to intimacy and peace.
  • Emotionally-focused Therapy (EFT) helps couples become emotionally available, responsive, and engaged. EFT has a high success rate and helps couples feel heard and understood. Your relationship can change thru forgiveness, boundaries, acceptance, confession, and listening.
  • We work together to develop a closer bond.  You can become free from avoidance and escalation.  Under anger are always more vulnerable feelings which need to be understood.
  • Couples learn to validate, or acknowledge, and helps both to give emotionally in the conversation.  
  • Emotional intimacy leads to sexual intimacy and freedom to be yourself. The blame game falls away and peace becomes the norm.  
  • Getting your own needs met involves sacrificial giving to your partner in understanding their love language.  

Individual Counseling Houston. Counseling Uptown. Counseling Galleria. Counseling Upper Kirby.

  • Individual Counseling in Houston, Karis Counseling LLC, helps clients heal and get new direction in their lives.  
  • We address your concerns blocking effectiveness and joy.  We can help generate options dealing with: 
  • Unresolved conflict, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Alcohol Abuse, Eating Disorders, Grief, Parenting, Dating, Work Stress, Relationships, Divorce Recovery, Worry, Family of Origin, Low Self-Esteem, and Codependence.
  • Emotional freedom happens as you understand and let go of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.  
  • Individual Counseling helps relieve the isolation from attempts to change your life alone.  Our sessions are relaxed, confidential, and interactive. 
  • You can get new perspective on concerns and hurtful life events. Unresolved grief, divorce, parenting styles, relationships, and financial stress deplete our energy.
  • Cognitive Therapy and Collaborative Therapy help identify thoughts that may be contributing to depression and self-defeating behavior.  
  • We work together to understand your concerns and get back to emotional freedom.  We assess concerns at the initial session, and discuss how healing happens to get past the pain and cycle of discouragement.  
  • Counseling sessions are designed to fit your specific temperament and goals. You may request change in direction at any time.  
  • Spiritual issues may be part of our conversations at your request.    

Licensed Professional Counselor, Houston Therapist, Marriage Therapist, Houston Counselor

  • 713.501.0663 
  • Kathy Pardue, Licensed Profesional Counselor, has been helping clients in the Houston area since 2001.  Sessions are relaxed, interactive, and confidential.         
  • Located in Uptown, near the Galleria and Memorial areas.
  • LPC License #17184  TX State Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors
  • HAMFT- Houston Assoc. of Marriage & Family Therapists
  • MA - Counseling    BA - Business
  • Kathy has 3 children, 5 grandsons, married 36 years.
  • Karis Counseling LLC helps clients identify concerns blocking effective and passionate living.  Karis means grace, the acceptance and grace we need to risk change.  Sessions are confidential, relaxed, and interactive. 
  • Houston Counselor, Kathy Pardue, LPC, has helped clients since 2001 move past hurtful life events and enjoy emotional freedom. 
  • You can learn to discern how healthy emotions are connected to thoughts based on truth.  Learn how to ask instead of assume; confess and forgive; grow in courage to change direction; and let go of fear and resentment. 
  • Please call us if you need help getting past hurts or failures.  You do not have to walk thru darkness alone.   
  • Kathy has experience in  Group Counseling, Psych Hospital setting, homeless shelter, Adolescent Counseling, Individual Adult Counseling, ADD, Eating Disorders, and Grief Counseling.  

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Convenient location in Uptown near Galleria, Memorial, and Upper Kirby.  Beautiful Regus Executive Suite, 300East, at 610West & Woodway Drive.  Please park in East Garage.  Free parking.


New clients please arrive 15 min. early for registration form.  

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Karis Counseling LLC

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Hours and Session Fees:

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$175 /50 min.


$150 /50 min.  

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, HSA, Cash.  Insurance not accepted.

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