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Marriage Counseling Houston

Knowing & Being Known. Love.


Marriage is designed to be enjoyed and fun.  Karis Counseling LLC in Houston, TX, has helped couples restore love and communication since 2001.  We work toward emotional intimacy to heal detachment or chronic conflict.  Learn to draw your partner in to meet your needs as an ally instead of an enemy or stranger.

If your relationship is stuck in a pattern of pursue/withdraw or avoid/avoid, therapy can help change the norm to peace thru understanding each other at the heart level.  Our goal is to help you know each other in a broader sense than simply using right-wrong thinking in a competitive dialogue.  This change quickly de-escalates anger and defensiveness.  Love can start to resurface again. 


Our conversations are relaxed and never about sides or right/wrong thinking.  Sessions are confidential, interactive, and supportive.   Sessions can help you heal from infidelity, resentment, anger, family of origin, parenting, grief, and divorce.  

Our approach helps both partners feel heard and understood thru EFT (Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Johnson).  Studies show high success rate.  Close means becoming emotionally Available, Responsive, & Engaged. 

 Your spiritual concerns and inspirations are also integrated into our conversations at your request.  He is the "lifter of our heads."  Goals and options are generated together in a Solutions-Focused Therapy approach.  


Clear Communication. Joy.


Marriage Counseling restores peace in the relationship.  We work toward healing resentment and feeling understood.  We can help you learn to address feelings the  more vulnerable feelings under the anger.  

We address concerns related to:

 Infidelity, abuse, alcohol and substance abuse, anxiety, depression, codependence, family of origin, poor conflict resolution, core values, career stress, parenting, divorce recovery, boundaries, grief, ADD, low self-esteem, and lack of purpose.  

Therapy helps strengthen your attachment lost from stress, responsibilities, and emotional wounds over time.  Marriage is designed to be a strong support system for each other, building up our self-esteem, instead of a competition.  

  Affair-proof your marriage by developing emotional intimacy.  Fun, frequent sex, dates, and transparent communication help guard against infidelity.  You can recover from infidelity if both partners are willing to work on it.  

Peace... means personal freedom from Resentment, Infidelity, and Anger.  Couples can live free from resentment by keeping current with grievances over time.  Hurt is unavoidable in every relationship, but honest communication helps develop compassion and meaningful listening.  


Healthy Parenting. Peace.

Uptown, Galleria Area, Upper Kirby, River Oaks, Memorial, Downtown, Medical Center, Energy Corridor. 

  • Karis means the grace, the acceptance we need to risk change and growth.   
  • HAMFT - Houston Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Catholic Psychotherapy Associates. Catholic Marriage Counseling
  • License #17184.  Texas Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors . 
  • Fees:  Couples Sessions: $175/hr. 
  • Individual Sessions: $150/hr.  Insurance not accepted.

Experience in Group Marriage Counseling, Homeless shelter, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD), Psych hospital setting, Adolescent Counseling, Individual Adult Counseling, Speaking on Eating Disorders, ADHD, Natural Disasters & Hope, and Grief.

Trust and compassion are important in Couples and Individual Counseling.  Clients return over the years to address new developmental and relational concerns.  Healing happens not thru information alone, but thru safe relationship.   

Kathy Pardue LPC