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  • Karis Counseling LLC in Houston, TX, has helped couples reconnect for over 16 years.
  • We can help you replace detachment or chronic conflict with emotional intimacy.  
  • You can recover from infidelity, resentment, chronic anger, family of origin, parenting, grief, divorce, and other concerns.
  • Marriage Therapy helps both partners feel heard and understood thru EFT (Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Johnson).
  • Close means becoming emotionally Available, Responsive, & Engaged.
  • You can both experience freedom thru forgiveness and letting go of self-defeating behaviors.
  • Marriage Counseling sessions assess differences in temperaments, core values, depression/anxiety, and poor communication to identify sources of unhappiness. 
  • Many addictions have a root in loneliness and isolation in relationship.  Talking about valid feelings in a safe environment can remove the emotional distance.
  • You can learn to validate each other without being in agreement.  When you feel heard, you also become better able to give emotionally.
  • Sacrificial giving relates is showing love in the way your partner needs and desires it.  We tend to give love in the way we desire it, but does not interpret as love necessarily to our partner.  
  • Learn how to draw your partner into your world as a friend and ally vs. an enemy.   

Marriage Therapy in Memorial, Marriage Counseling in Uptown

  • Marriage Counseling addresses concerns contributing to detachment or chronic conflict:
  • Affairs, Abuse, Alcohol and Substance abuse, Anxiety, Affairs, Depression, Codependence, Family of Origin, Poor conflict resolution, Core values, Career stress, Parenting, Divorce recovery, Boundaries, Grief, ADD, Low self-esteem, and Lack of direction and purpose.
  • Therapy helps strengthen the attachment bond you may have lost gradually while focusing on responsibilities. 
  • Affair-proof your marriage with life-long habits of authentic, close communication.  You can recover from infidelity if both partners are willing to work on it.  Forgiveness feels impossible, but is the way back to personal freedom and intimacy.
  • Peace... means freedom from Resentment, Infidelity, and Anger.
  • Couples can live free from resentment by keeping current with grievances over time.  
  • Hurt is unavoidable in every relationship, but honest communication helps develop compassion and meaningful listening. 
  • Anger is a red flag about more vulnerable feelings under the anger. Marriage Therapy helps relieve frustration, loneliness, betrayal, and feeling misunderstood.
  • Couples Sessions are relaxed, interactive, and confidential.  Your concerns are assessed at the initial meeting, and goals are generated together.  Counseling is respectful of your individual goals and works to reduce stress and tension in your relationship.  
  • Karis Counseling LLC considers your overall well-being, and may include referrals to other health professionals. You may opt out of readings or request change in direction at any time.  Spiritual concerns may be part of our conversations as you request, and no values are imposed on clients. 


Kathy Pardue, Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage Therapist

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  • Kathy has helped restore hope in marriages in the Houston area for over 15 years.  
  • Karis means the grace and acceptance we need to risk change and growth.  We work together to heal hurts and get new perspective.   
  • Affiliations:
  • HAMFT - Houston Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • License #17184.  Texas Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors

Experience in Group Marriage Counseling, Homeless shelter, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD), Psych hospital setting, Adolescent Counseling, Individual Adult Counseling, Speaking on Eating Disorders, ADHD, and Grief.

Trust is important in Marriage Counseling.  Clients return over the years as hurtful life events bring new challenges to marriages.  Our relationshp continues even as issues are relieved, and clients feel heard and not judged.  

To grow and change can result in crisis as you risk actually addressing hurts and disappointments.  It may feel worse before it gets better in some ways, but progress is being made as you are willing to become more authentic with yourself and others.  

Marriage Therapy is a place to unravel concerns you have not been able to at home.  You will feel unstuck and encouraged to see new options.  Get emotional freedom as you experience new perspective on old issues.  You can get your life and love back...